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Experiencing a traumatic event can cause much devastation in an individual’s life. If a person has experienced, witnessed, or learned about a traumatic event, it can negatively affect him or her in a number of ways. Whether it be a natural disaster, a severe car accident, a plane crash, a terrorist attack, military deployment, physical assault, or psychological abuse, a traumatic event can lead to monumental disturbances in an individual’s wellbeing.

At Continuum Integrated, we recognize the impact that trauma and trauma-related concerns can have on an individual. We also understand that while some individuals are able to recuperate from the emotional effects of their experiences, others will suffer from ongoing distress that can hinder their ability to continue functioning appropriately on a daily basis. When this is the case, individuals may feel at a loss as to what they can do or where they can turn in order to find relief from their suffering.

For these reasons, within our vast network of treatment providers, Continuum is proud to offer a number of options for care that are designed to help those who are battling trauma-related concerns so that they can learn to manage their symptoms and alleviate their distress.



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