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Anxiety disorders are illnesses that cause people to feel frightened, distressed and uneasy for no apparent reason. Left untreated, these disorders can dramatically reduce productivity and significantly diminish an individual's quality of life. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in America; over 21% of adults (42.5 million) are affected by these debilitating illnesses each year.

Anxiety disorders are also frequently accompanied by depression or substance use or abuse. Anxiety disorders can coexist with physical and behavioral health conditions as well. In such instances, these behavioral health conditions will also need to be treated.

Continuum Integrated is here to help you overcome these mental health challenges, and to help you be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Our therapists are highly experienced behavioral health professionals, who are dedicated to your wellbeing and will always assure that you are treated with dignity and respect in a confidential and supportive environment.



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