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Continuum Integrated  is a two-tier nationally recognized mental health care organization located at the heart of Houston, just minutes from the Medical Center, and Downtown Area. 
Children, adolescents and a select number of adults are treated either by appointment or as part of structured treatment programs. We specialize in treating behavioral health disorders that occur primarily due to treatable childhood or adult psychiatric illnesses including ADHD, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Learning Disorders, Intermittent Explosive Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.   

Our treatment services are designed to work with children, teens and families experiencing moderate to very severe problems that occur at school, work, home and in their communities. Treatment programs are intended for children, teens and a selected group of adults who may benefit from the more intensive services available, but do not meet criteria for hospitalization or more restrictive options.  

To be progressive in providing positive treatment outcomes in behavioral healthcare for children, adults, families, and the organizations that service their needs.

We are devoted to treating and preventing negative outcomes from emotional and behavioral problems among at-risk children, adults, and families.

At Continuum Integrated, licensed and qualified therapists use their training and skill sets to help through the individual, family and group therapy approaches needed.  As appropriate, the Child and Adult Psychiatrist(s) evaluate and prescribe medications. 
Morning and after school treatment program schedules allow time for individuals or children and parents to remain involved in their daily activities while accessing treatment. Each treatment course uses age appropriate approaches such as play therapy, and psycho-educational approaches to achieve goals. Treatment goals include improving coping & problem-solving skills, developing self-esteem, reducing anxiety, improving impulse control, developing positive peer relationships, improving academic performance,  conflict resolution and anger management.

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